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Designer Profile – Spacecraft

Designs abroad is thrilled to bring the gorgeous works of Spacecraft studio to the US market! Spacecraft’s founder, Stewart Russell, is a man of many talents – contemporary artist, textile designer, curator, mentor, and collaborator; that is inspired by defying classification. We carry two series of printed works on canvas from his Melbourne-based textiles company, Botanical Paintings and Backing Cloth Paintings.

Spacecraft Studio

The Botanical Paintings series features Australian flora (flax, fennel and peppercorn) in a range of graduated colour schemes with shimmering metallic details. They are available in multiple sizes to suit a variety of spaces and price points (shown below are from left to right fennel in black, peppercorn in green and flax in warm grey).

Botanical Paintings

The Backing Cloth Paintings are unique works derived literally from the backing cloth of the studio’s experimental project table. Ideas, tests, even sketches accumulate on the canvas over an eight week period. Once saturated, the backing cloth is divided and cut into individual works of art to share with the public. They are available in a standard assortment of sizes.


Fortunately, we have a fresh batch of Backing Cloth Paintings to bring to you every eight weeks that captures the brilliant evolution of Spacecraft studio!

“I suppose above all I want Spacecraft studio to continue to be adaptable, light on our feet, constantly challenging ourselves to invent new ways of doing things. So the design and printing processes aren’t fixed, anything can happen, be changed or modified…” -Stewart Russell

Both Spacecraft’s Botanical Paintings and Backing Cloth Paintings can be customized for commercial projects such as hotels, serviced apartments and corporate offices. Shown below an international corporate headquarters, where a series of floor to ceiling customized Backing Cloth Paintings adorn the foyer.

Spacecraft Commercial

For more information regarding Spacecraft, ordering Botanical Paintings or Backing Cloth Paintings or enquiring about custom designs, please contact info@designsabroad.com