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David Trubridge – new for Spring

Wild nature combines with artistry and design.


We are thrilled to bring you the brilliant, contemporary lighting designs of acclaimed New Zealand designer David Trubridge!

Derived from the structure and patterns of nature and a deep passion for the landscape, his original designs reflect a breezy, sophisticated flavor of the South Pacific.

Coral and Floral colors

The new range of interior paint options (above)

Sensitivity to the environment is paramount throughout his design process, and that sense of care is imbued within the objects he creates. The results are authentic and enduring, achieving maximum effect with minimum materials.

Just in time for Spring

We recently launched exciting new designs from perennial favorites F!NK + Co, Lump Sculpture Studio and David Edmonds at the winter New York International Gift Fair.

Kangaroo Paw Light Box

Kangaroo Paw Lightbox

Intricate kangaroo paw design with cola Perspex by Lump Sculpture Studio (above)

Shakers and Squareware

Shakers and Squareware

Playful maraca-inspired salt, pepper + sugar Shakers by F!NK + Co (above left) and everyday luxury ceramics by David Edmonds (above right)

Australiana Engravings

Australiana Engravings

Indoor/outdoor wall art featuring Australiana engravings by Lump Sculpture Studio (above)


Fantastic New Designs From F!nk+Co

Fantastic New Designs From F!NK + Co.!

Great news! We are now bringing you two additional spirited and innovative Australian designs. Both are playful and distinctively F!NK + Co.

New Creamer + Sugar Set

Creamer + Sugar Set

Deep Blue and Red Sets (above)

The Creamer + Sugar Set strikes a sublime balance between technical innovation, distilled form and functionality. The three-piece set perfectly enhances the ritual and pleasure of serving tea or coffee. The playful design of the Creamer elicits the surprise of a bottomless container and the Sugar Bowl is ideal for serving cubes or granules.

Sushi Set

An extension of F!NK’s exhibition pieces, the soft lines of the Sushi Set challenge the perception that metal is a hard and static form.

Sushi Set

The gentle undulations create a sense of flow and movement like rippling water. The sensual nature of the shape complements the Japanese art of aesthetically displaying the beauty of the prepared food.

F!NK’s Iconic Water Jug

Water Jug

Water Jug in all Standard Colors (above)

The Water Jug is F!NK’s signature designs and remains one of our best sellers. It is available in six stunning anodized matte colors – and in silver with a lustrous satin finish. It is perfectly complemented by the F!NK Beakers and Tray.

New products from Marc Pascal and Fink

Marc Pascal


Orchid Light

From the unique mind of Mark Pascal comes the exotic and playful Orchid Lamp, the fourth in a series including the popular Eyoi yoi design. Each lamp is hand-crafted in Pascal’s Melbourne studio using polycarbonate and stainless steel wire. The tensile stainless steel wire gives life to the individual fronds of the lamp, capturing the mysterious and stunning qualities of the wild orchid flower. Each lamp is hand-made and dyed and can be customized to your taste, producing an individualized mix of colors and shapes.


Orchid Ceiling Light and Table Lamp

The intricate bouquet-like design can be admired both lit and unlit, giving you a stand-out piece of art, combining functionality with imaginative beauty. A spectacular statement piece that is sure to make you smile even on the greyest of days!

F!nk and Co.

Antipasto Platter + Trays

Silver Antipasto Platter with Orange Trays

Inspired by the relationship we have with the world around us, Rachel Bowak created F!NK + Co.’s Antipasto Set to reflect the colors, shapes and textures of the eclectic Australian landscape. The smooth lines and bold colors of the individual pieces come together to create eye-catching contrasts to show-off any number of culinary delights.

Antipasto Platter + Trays

Silver Platter with Charcoal and Lime Trays

Combine your stainless steel platter and anodized trays together for the perfect antipasto presentation or use individually to hold sauces, dips or sweets. The options are endless! This versatile set is the epitome of modern design excellence, which can be enjoyed both as a work of art and to brighten any dining and entertaining experience. The silver platter is available with charcoal, blue, green and orange trays.