Sustainable Elegance from Husque

Introducing Bauple, Wax, Gobble & Frag!

We are excited to officially launch four new shapes
in the Husque collection, created by one of our favorite designers – Marc Harrison.

Like the original Husque bowl, the vessels’ forms are inspired by their distinctive ingredient – the Macadamia Nut. The expanding range broadens the vocabulary of shapes available, from the spherical whole nut to geometric broken shells.


Bauple bowls (above)

Bauple & Wax

Playful Bauple bowls, available in two sizes, represent smooth rounded halves and are the perfect accompaniment to the Wax serving platter. Wax’s form is reminiscent of early Bakelite castings which inspired the creation of the Husque composite material, and features rounded corners and molded feet.

Bauple and Wax

Bauple with Wax (above)


The edges of the striking Gobble bowl are thick and faceted with three points, and it is available in two sizes.


Gobble bowls (above)


The elongated Frag platter creates an original centerpiece for any setting and takes its inspiration from narrow shards of cracked shell.


Frag bowls (above)

To request a wholesale price list, please contact us.


One response to “Sustainable Elegance from Husque

  1. Love the new husque platters!

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