New Designer – Ute

Ute: Australian Design

Butterfly Coat Rack

Butterfly Coat Rack

We are thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our collection of outstanding Australian brands – Ute Australian Design by Kain Lucas!


Kain established Ute Australian Design in 2007, offering what he describes as highly refined utilitarian products which are the result of a strong ethos
to produce intelligently designed pieces that provide real solutions for real needs. Ute’s goal is to
create beautiful and practical Design that works™.

Link Place Mat and Universal Knife Block shown to left

Ute strives to perfect the relationship between the form of the object, the materials from which it is made and
the method of manufacture. Two short years after Ute’s inception, Kain Lucas has been short-listed for the prestigious Bombay Sapphire Design Award for his striking series of Victoria Tables.

Victoria Table

Victoria Table

Bowlboard was designed specifically for food preparation and has four bowls inlaid flush to the surface of the board. The board is made of mold-resistant carbonized bamboo and the bowl material is durable food grade melamine. The Bowlboard makes food preparation enjoyable and doubles as a terrific serving piece for appetizers and dips.




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